Why Samay Pharma
Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Solution At Samay Pharma India
Samay Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. Pharmaceutical Formulation Manufacturer in Kala amb, in India – Samay Pharma India is one of the leading pharma manufacturing company in Kala Amb (Himachal Pradesh) that manufacture wide range of pharma products. The Company has been following the international quality norms to deliver the medicines, which are innovative, effective, pure and has accurate composition. We maintain the highest standards of quality, the products meet relevant pharmacopeial standards and statutory requirements. We deliver the best quality of products on reasonable prices. There are number of small and large scale pharma companies associated with us for third pharma manufacturing services.
Our complete hub is our own third party pharma manufacturing facility, which builds our name in the top pharma companies which are offering its third party manufacturing services. The company’s focus is on the quality of the product, customer-oriented, advanced use of the machinery for international standards. Our only inuence is on the intense quality, potential, reasonable, drugs for the clients, though they can hive on the ability like testing and marketing.
Capabilities Of Samay Pharma India For 3rd Party Pharma Manufacturing
Samay Pharma India supplies numerous pharma products through its third party Pharma Manufacturer service. We are fabricators of masses of rigid and uid oral dose form with top-notch standards.
  • Tablets, Capsules, Syrups & Ointments etc. all require apex shear crumb, uid bed processing and coating of lm on the medicines
  • Oral Drug products and prolonged release drugs are manufactured under the eyes of the procient researchers of our company which use innovative driven techniques
Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Process
Our aspiration for perfection is a value innate which enables the company to execute the demands of the clients. We pass the benets of Excise Free Zone like excise duty, central sales tax to our clients to ensure the most competitive rates in the market. To fulll the imperative call for versatility, reliability and stern condentiality, we manufacture the best quality of products
  • The raw materials and ingredients are obtained from a trustable vendor for the manufacturing of the medicines. This promises the product quality
  • The state of the art of the manufacturing unit is furnished well where the production process takes place.
  • The manpower for the manufacturing process is full of procient and talented researchers.
  • Moreover, the team for contract manufacturing in India is knowledgeable and experienced
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