About Us

Based in Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh, Samay Pharma India is a leading pharmaceutical company renowned for its dedication to manufacturing a wide array of pharmaceutical products.

The company follows international quality norms to deliver medicines that are not only innovative but also highly effective and pure, with the most accurate compositions.

We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality, thereby ensuring that our products meet all relevant pharmacopeial standards and statutory requirements. Our product portfolio includes Tablets, Capsules, Liquids, and Ointments.

Our manufacturing unit is well-equipped with the latest technology, chemical plants, advanced tools, and laboratories, enhancing our ability for large-scale production.

In addition to this, our active R&D department leaves no stone unturned in implementing creative marketing and distribution strategies to drive growth, ensuring that our products not only reach the market but also make a substantial positive impact on the healthcare industry.

We have a number of small and large-scale pharma companies associated with us for third-party manufacturing services.

With a laser focus on significantly improving public health, Samay Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. is a GMP-GLP compliant pharmaceutical manufacturing company providing high-quality medicines at reasonable prices.

Every day, we strive to develop medicines designed to improve the health and quality of life of patients worldwide. We believe in supplying top-notch, fruitful, and effective pharma products to our customers.

Our team of dedicated employees works tirelessly to ensure quality and overall effectiveness, explaining how our medicines are making such a positive impact in the lives of millions of people across the globe! This is surely something we can be proud of!

Today, Samay Pharma India stands for quality, competitiveness, and transparency. Undoubtedly, prioritizing these ethics has played a huge role in giving us that extra edge in the industry and building sustainable ties with our partners.

If you wish to outsource quality pharma products, please feel free to reach out to us.

Samay Pharma's Mission


Our Mission is as follows:

  • We believe that access to safe, effective, and affordable healthcare is a human right. Therefore, we are focused on our mission to improve global health by supplying quality medicines to people all over the world at affordable prices.
  • Through excellence in technology, R&D, and high ethical standards, our mission is to manufacture and develop quality pharmaceutical products to prevent, diagnose, and cure diseases. This encompasses everything from over-the-counter remedies to complex prescription medications, catering to the diverse healthcare needs of a global population.
  • We believe in upskilling our employees and providing them with a stress-free work environment to drive their personal and professional growth.
  • Above all, we are committed to total customer satisfaction by distributing a wide array of quality medicines to people all over the world at affordable prices.


Our vision is to become a global pharmaceutical company recognized as a market leader in both, domestic as well as the international markets. We aim to achieve this by providing high-quality, safe, effective, and affordable pharmaceutical products across the globe.

Samay Pharma's Vision


Gaurav Jain

Managing Director

Priya Jain


Rajendra Joshi

Vice President

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